The CEDAR DNS 2 significantly extends the limits of what is possible on set

Lutz Pape and the CEDAR DNS 2

25 July 2017

GERMANY: Tonmeister Lutz Pape is currently working on the next episode of the ZDF production Inga Lindström in Sweden. When production started, he tested the CEDAR DNS 2 and discovered that it significantly extended the time window available for filming during the day. Having completed his tests, he couldn't give the unit back.

He told us, "I received the CEDAR DNS 2 to test and was quickly convinced that it would be very helpful and easily integrated on set. The sound is absolutely natural when the DNS 2 is used correctly and it's possible, unobtrusively, to minimize the amount of background noise. As the sound engineer on Inga Lindström, I often had to struggle with twisting, disturbing natural sounds like wind and leaf noise. In addition to these, approaching motor boats, cars, agricultural machines and unwanted city noises were also the order of the day. Using the DNS 2, the acceptable window of 'quiet time' during a take was prolonged so that, despite the noise, we could complete it without worries. Naturally, there are limits for this technique, but in general the DNS 2 significantly extended the limits of what was possible on set, and also helped us to make targeted decisions during shooting and in the run-up to post production.

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