Improved Debuzz and Hum Removal for CEDAR for Windows

CEDAR for Windows Debuzz V.2

28 October 1998

Just nine months after the launch of its Debuzz module in January 1998, CEDAR Audio is pleased to announce the launch of Debuzz-2, which becomes available with immediate effect.

The new module has been designed to remove buzzes and hums more effectively than before, and to eliminate the unwanted side-effects introduced by techniques related to simple comb-filtering. It's based upon a unique new buzz detection and removal technique based, in part, upon Baysian analysis. As a result of the increase in the capabilities of the algorithm itself, the number of controls in the user-interface has been reduced(to just three, so that it is now even easier to obtain the highest quality restorations.

Debuzz was developed to fix the specific audio problems experienced in movie and TV production. It is particularly suitable for removing camera noise, and will completely eliminate power supply hum and similar noises. It will also correct many of the unspecified buzzy audio degradations that frequently affect Outside Broadcast and location recordings, and which may make otherwise satisfactory footage unusable. Furthermore, it's suitable for use in forensic audio laboratories where the reduction of these noises can increase the listenability of degraded audio such as surveillance tapes and assist transcription.

Debuzz-2 will be supplied to satisfy all orders from 1 November 1998 onwards, and owners of existing systems may contact CEDAR Audio to request a free upgrade.

For further information:

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