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CEDAR for Windows

8 May 1998

Top Brussels mastering house, EQuuS s.a., has installed CEDAR for Windows as part of its armoury of world-class digitisation, restoration and archiving tools. With equipment capable of replaying most forms of audio disc (78, 45 and 33rpm, plus CD), audio tape (1/4", 1/2", PCM F1, U-Matic, and DAT) and video tape (VHS, Betamax and Betacam), EquuS also offer specialist equipment and services to ensure that the best possible transcription is obtained. These services range from needle and stylus selection to painstakingly unrolling damaged tapes by hand. EQuuS then uses CEDAR to process damaged sounds. Following restoration, the company offers an archiving service as well as conventional pre-mastering, compilation and other editing services.

Following installation of CEDAR's NR-3 software, which was supplied by CEDAR's Belgian dealer, EML n.v., Senior Engineer Marc Doutrepont said, "Sound restoration is our business. It is, therefore, essential to us always to work with the best technology available, as well as to keep up with the latest technological developments. CEDAR Audio gives us full satisfaction in helping us reach these two important goals. By concentrating their research in the field of sound restoration, CEDAR has achieved rapid technological advancement and NR-3 is certainly the most 'subtil' and powerful tool we have yet tested."

"Subtil", Marc explained, "is a French word that means "accurate with intelligence".

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