CEDAR Audio announces a significant upgrade for the DCX declicker

CEAR DCX declicker audio restoration module

10 February 1999

Just sixteen months after its release in September 1997, the DCX declicker has received its first major upgrade. The new algorithms embodied in DCX version 2 are capable of increasing performance by more than 100%, removing more clicks and ticks than ever before. This improvement is particularly apparent for troublesome material that contains a wide variety of disturbances, and will allow users to obtain excellent results on projects that had previously proved impossible.

Roger Beardsley, a former recording engineer and consultant for the BBC and now an independent producer working with vintage music specialist label Pearl (amongst others) has this to say about the improved DCX, "The difference with version 2 is amazing. The DCX now takes out clicks that previously needed a second pass or even manual removal, so it makes a big difference to the amount of time I need to spend on some tracks. What's more, it does the job better than before, and it doesn't affect the sound of the wanted signal. In fact, I find it almost impossible to get the DCX to have any detrimental effect on the audio quality, even when I try to."

All DCX declickers from serial number DCX-1-01294 have version 2 software fitted as standard. Owners of earlier units can return them to CEDAR Audio or their local dealer for a free upgrade.

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