Four new processes immediately available for CEDAR Tools™ v3.2

CEDAR Tools 3.2 Auto Declick CEDAR Tools 3.2 Manual Declick CEDAR Tools 3.2 Decrackle CEDAR Tools 3.2 Dethump

22 February 2006

Following hot on the heels of the introduction of Retouch™, Auto Dehiss and Declip for CEDAR Tools, we are pleased to announce the immediate availability of four more modules for the suite.

Supplied as three separate packages (auto-declick & manual declick together, plus decrackle and dethump), all of the processes are provided as individual, simple-to-use AudioSuite plug-ins, and users can install just those that are most suitable for their needs. To make life and installation as easy as possible, the entire suite is licensed using a single USB dongle, to which additional licences can be attached as and when the user wishes.

CEDAR's processes are capable of removing all manner of unwanted sounds without damaging the desired audio or introducing unwanted side-effects and artefacts. However, these versions are the simplest yet: there are no parameters for manual declick, auto declick or decrackle, and only one for dethump. This makes them ideal when speed and throughput are the paramount considerations, or for use by non-expert users.

Auto Declick detects each click, removes it, and then fills the gap with the best estimate of the material that existed (or would have existed) had the click not occurred. The maximum click length is 100 samples at 44.1kHz or 200 samples at 96kHz.

Manual declick removes the clicks that Auto Declick cannot. It does this by allowing users to specify the audio that constitutes the click. The manual declick interpolator is optimised for longer clicks and scratches, and the maximum click length handled is 2,048 samples at 44.1kHz or 4,096 samples at 96kHz.

Decrackle removes crackle and reduces various types of buzz and distortion. It automatically detects the tiny disturbances that comprise the unwanted sounds, removes them, and restores the audio with the best estimate of the material that existed (or would have existed) had the problem not occurred.

Dethump eliminates the low frequency disturbances that cannot be restored using either declick process. It does so by allowing users to identify and describe the audio that constitutes the thump. The maximum thump length handled is enormous: 50,000 samples (a little over one second) at 44.1kHz or 100,000 samples at 96kHz.

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