Announcing CEDAR Cambridge™ Series III

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9 February 2009

CEDAR Audio is delighted to announce the immediate availability of the CEDAR Cambridge Series III audio restoration and speech enhancement system. With more than double the processing power of any previous CEDAR Cambridge hardware and more storage capability than previous CEDAR Cambridge Servers, every Series III is a server-grade powerhouse capable of processing more audio, more quickly, and for more simultaneous users than ever before.

What?s more, the core software of CEDAR Cambridge and every processing module has been rewritten to take advantage of the latest Windows Vista operating system. Every CEDAR Cambridge System III is therefore shipped with Windows Vista 64 as standard.

Stunning Power

CEDAR?s Managing Director, Gordon Reid says, "The rapid advances in hardware technology make it possible to do things that we barely dreamed of a few years ago. For example, Series III has eight processors with a combined peak calculation speed of close to 120GFLOPs ? that?s 120 billion 64-bit calculations per second! The first CEDAR System (released in 1990) was considered groundbreaking because it generated 25MFLOPs, yet we now have approximately 5,000 times more processing power than that. This makes it possible to run dozens of power-hungry processes simultaneously and to implement advanced filters that would not have been practical on previous platforms. This will be of particular interest to our audio forensic customers."

"The same increase in power and facility is true when you consider the storage capability of Series III, which includes as standard three TeraByte hard disk drives capable of storing around 10,000 hours of uncompressed audio. This makes every Series III suitable for use as a restoration server in demanding environments such as national archives and libraries, in which a single CEDAR Cambridge system can simultaneously service the needs of numerous studios and users."

Immediate availability

As always, there is no waiting for a CEDAR announcement to become reality. By the time that you read this, the first Series III systems will be available, and may even have been shipped to customers.


Inevitably, such a powerful upgrade comes at a cost. A lower one! CEDAR Cambridge III retails for approximately 10% less than the CEDAR Cambridge Server host PC, which is now discontinued, as are all earlier CEDAR Cambridge ‘Q’ systems.


CEDAR Cambridge Series III is fully compatible with the full suite of CEDAR Cambridge software running on all existing CEDAR Cambridge and CEDAR Cambridge Server systems.

Furthermore, the CEDAR Cambridge software written to run on Windows Vista 64 is backward compatible with all previous CEDAR Cambridge and CEDAR Cambridge Server systems running Windows XP®.

About CEDAR Cambridge

CEDAR Cambridge was introduced to the film, post and mastering industries in February 2003 and was immediately judged to be the most powerful and most accurate audio restoration system yet devised. A dedicated version for audio forensic use followed in 2004, and the system has seen a stream of improvements in the ensuing years including numerous new processing modules and steady increases in processing power.

In 2007, the company launched CEDAR Cambridge Server, which makes it possible for a single system to provide multiple processing paths that simultaneously support multiple, networked users.

Today, the system counts the most prestigious film, TV and mastering studios among its customers, but its greatest impact has been in the field of security, law enforcement and air accident investigation, for which it has become a worldwide standard.

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