CEDAR for Windows for the price of a Series X

CEDAR Dehiss2 & ProDSP board

16 November 1998 - 15 May 1999

For those users who would prefer to denoise their material on their audio workstation, we have reintroduced the exceptional Auto de-hiss offer that we first launched in July 1998.

This package includes CEDAR's 50MFlop 32-bit ProDSP/C Console Board and our award-winning Dehiss2 software. These have normal UK prices of £3,500 and £6,000 respectively but, until 15 May 1999 you can buy them together for just £4,000.

That's a saving of nearly 60%.

This offer gives you access to more power and flexibility than a DHX dehisser. In addition, it provides a platform to which you can just add software to obtain every other CEDAR for Windows module. You can even add further ProDSP/E Expansion Boards to increase your system to a 16-channel platform running up to eight simultaneous stereo restoration processes.

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