The CEDAR DNS One - a good day for no compromise noise reduction

CEDAR DNS One dialogue noise suppressor

1 July 2010

The CEDAR DNS One has been selected as one of the "Gear Picks" of 2010 by Audio Media magazine. In their June 2010 issue they repeated their original review, "I for one will be rushing out and buying this plug-in the day it comes out. It is hard to imagine a production these days where one will not need this tool. - Mike Aiton, Audio Media, March 2010."

They then added an Editor's Comment, "When will they make it a plug-in? When will they make it a plug-in? When will they make it a plug-in? Oh... they did. It's a good day for no compromise noise reduction."

About DNS One

The DNS One is everything you ever wanted from a software-based dialogue noise suppressor. A Pro Tools plug-in that runs on both Mac OS X and Windows, it makes no compromises in sound quality and offers the same Academy Award® winning performance as its illustrious siblings, the DNS1500 and DNS3000. Coupled to a superb new user-interface that allows you to control hundreds of channels of DNS (software and hardware, in any mix you choose) from a single Pro Tools host, DNS One is the most powerful and flexible noise suppressor ever developed.

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