CEDAR Audio is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of the 2019 AES Conference on Audio Forensics

2019 AES Conference on Audio Forensics

20 May 2019

Having been the Platinum Sponsor of the two previous AES International Conferences on Audio Forensics held in London (2014) and Arlington VA (2017), CEDAR Audio is again proud to support the Audio Engineering Society and its important contributions to audio forensics and security.

Following their inception in 2005, the 2019 conference will be the seventh of these events and will be dedicated to exploring advances in the fields of speech enhancement, signal processing, acoustic analysis, audio authentication and the examination of methodologies and best practices. It will be an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and to foster new approaches, and its programme will include paper presentations and discussions as well as keynote sessions, tutorials and workshops. The programme is available from: www.aes.org/conferences/2019/forensics/program.cfm

Gordon Reid, Managing Director of CEDAR Audio, will be presenting a talk entitled Narrowing the gap between live surveillance and the forensic laboratory.


When we perform forensic audio investigation, we tend to deal with audio that has already been gathered in some fashion and returned to the laboratory after the events of interest took place. But there are many occasions when it's desirable to make immediate decisions on the basis of incoming audio as it is heard or recorded. In short, things can turn out for the better if it's unnecessary to return the audio to the laboratory only to hear long after events unfolded what was being said and by whom. This presentation will discuss a modern multi-user surveillance system that allows field agents to handle audio in what we would normally describe as a forensic and evidentiary fashion, but without detailed knowledge of digital audio or audio forensic techniques. Functions provided include monitoring, recording, enhancement, adding transcriptions and other metadata, reporting and audio distribution. We will also discuss the tools that allow the forensic laboratory to replicate or further enhance the results and (hopefully) endorse the decisions that were made in the field.

The AES International Conference On Audio Forensics will be held at the Holiday Inn, Porto-Gaia, Portugal from 18 - 20 June 2019.

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2019 AES Conference on Audio Forensics
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